Malta. Don’t plan, get lost and have fun!

Malta is a land of limestone buildings, colourful balconies, Land Rover Defenders, Kinnie, Cisk and rabbits on a plate. Do not plan to visit this island to the centimeter, especially to the minute, because it will simply not work. Just get lost and enjoy your life!

Polska wersja artykułu.

Nina Lengyel: Pole in the Formula 1 paddock

“Nina came to me and asked if she could write about Formula 1. I agreed!” ~ Andrzej Martynkin

Around the World in 74 Days with Garry Sowerby

“If this thing fucks up, we’ll be driving pogo sticks.” ~ Jim Fitzhenry, the President of Volvo Canada, to his PR man, Ken Barrett

Lancia Stratos Stradale – Deus ex Machina

Deus ex Machina, concept introduced to ancient tragedy by Euripides. It translates to “God from the machine”. The term has evolved to mean a plot device whereby seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly and abruptly resolved by the inspired and unexpected intervention of some new event, character or object.

Marian BUBEL Bublewicz: the polish rally artist

“While training I set myself on three to four corners and try to drive faster and faster through them. At some point car starts to break away flying out of the corner. I fight it and succeed. I’m not satisfied with that. Making it work isn’t a success for me. I purposely try to overdrive a car, to go faster and faster. Boundaries of what is possible are starting to disappear. Turns out we can outdo ourselves, be faster every time, what man can do isn’t defined. In the endpossibility turns into a reality, my skills improve and I push even more, to be faster, so the circle starts all over again.” ~ Marian Bublewicz

Ferrari Dino – how is it to be a son of a legend?

In Italian Dino ought to mean father – son relationship. Dino is not a car. It is the love of father and son, shared passion for cars, family’s tragedy; surely much more than just a mean of transport. Repeatedly I tend to state that for what I love motorizations are emotions, for this fraction of magic, which fills the interior of a metal can and transforms it into a symbol.

Lexus LFA – the best car I have ever tested

Lexus LFA is a masterpiece conceived by insane engineers. It manifests a line between a car / automotive engineering and the creation of a work of art that runs through the zone in which you can consciously say that you cease to simply drive a car, and you begin to experience emotions.

Lexus LC500: the LFA that you can take on vacations.

There are few brave people in today’s realm. Brave enough, to say – I’ll do it different than others. We succumb to influence and hype, we want to live safe, we sacrifice our inner “self” for sake of conformism.