Emerik Bellen: The (un)Finished Story

Writing this story has been my most significant endeavor to date, focusing on the fate of Emerik Bellen for several months.

Gentlemen from Poland at Le Mans Classic

During the jubilee edition of Le Mans Classic, we had the pleasure of accompanying two teams. Tom and his victorious Jaguar No. 6 Racing team, as well as the three extraordinary gentlemen from Poland – Marian Stoch, Jan Potocki, and Bartosz Balicki.

What to eat during Le Mans Classic?

Going to Le Mans Classic is a beautiful adventure, and surely no motorsport fan will be disappointed. However, there are a few details worth considering to avoid going bankrupt and make the experience of this wonderful event even better!

Victory at Le Mans Classic – through the eyes of a mechanic

This year’s Le Mans Classic was dedicated to one thing – the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the legendary French endurance race. Above all, it was the teams that came to the Circuit de la Sarthe to fiercely compete for victory during this exceptional weekend.

Goodwood Breakfast Club

When it comes to breakfasts at Sniadanie & Gablota, you might hear some folks said that they start too early, but let me tell you, nothing could be further from the truth! Bright and early at 7 am, the Goodwood Breakfast Club meetings are already in full swing!

Morocco. Sand in the eyes

“Well, Mister Poros,” begins the Moroccan border guard, flipping through my passport, “what brings you to our beautiful country?” I smile and reply, “The highest peak in Morocco, Sir!” With a swift hand movement, the officer stamps my passport with the date of entry. “Good luck!” he says as he hands me back my documents.

Majorca. Hillclimb heaven

We’re moving into the forest. The serpentine asphalt rises. The Jaguar E-Type, which has a strong V12 under the hood and climbs remarkably well on narrow roads, is marginally faster than our Fiat 500.

Le Mans Classic – the compilation of all of your memories

Memories are the essential part of Le Mans Classic. They create this event, soak it with fuel and make it one of the most beautiful celebrations of classic motoring in the world. Welcome to a French feast!

JAGMAN. Polish mechanic at Le Mans Classic

Tomek “Tom Jagman” Zieliński is 26 and comes from Łódź, Poland. We met 6 years ago during Santa Taxi – one of the first events organized by Tejsted.