Around the World in 74 Days with Garry Sowerby

“If this thing fucks up, we’ll be driving pogo sticks.” ~ Jim Fitzhenry, the President of Volvo Canada, to his PR man, Ken Barrett

Marian BUBEL Bublewicz: the polish rally artist

“While training I set myself on three to four corners and try to drive faster and faster through them. At some point car starts to break away flying out of

Ferrari Dino – how is it to be a son of a legend?

In Italian Dino ought to mean father – son relationship. Dino is not a car. It is the love of father and son, shared passion for cars, family’s tragedy; surely

Deus ex Machina – Lancia Stratos Stradale

Prologue. Deus ex Machina, concept introduced to ancient tragedy by Euripides. It translates to “God from the machine”. The term has evolved to mean a plot device whereby seemingly unsolvable problem

The best car I have ever tested! Lexus LFA review!

Lexus LFA is a masterpiece conceived by insane engineers. It manifests a line between a car / automotive engineering and the creation of a work of art that runs through

Lexus LC500: the LFA that you can take on vacations.

There are few brave people in today’s realm. Brave enough, to say – I’ll do it different than others. We succumb to influence and hype, we want to live safe,